Nia Nour


She took away his
he went so far away
...but never they
could be apart
her hands
were striving
up to sky
and pray to God
in church,
she light up
candles every
forgetting sleep
devoted just to Him
She took his heart
away from him
his chest is open
wound ,
and never someone
could again stop
his running blood.
He stretched his
hands up to Allah
and prayed in mosque
every night,
calling loud
her name,
the others thought
he was insane,
and it was truth
His heart was still
away from Him
it was in little
box ,so red
so pulsing,
full of blood
alive and strong,
His Heart belong
to Her
and in her room
in bed with Gothic
style, she red
her little book,
His heart was lying
next to her
She touched it
with her fingers and never they
could be apart,
Their souls - asleep
together in
Red Rose bed of



  • Nia Nour

    This I wrote last year about my love...

  • Emi

    Wow I really liked this one too. You're really good at this. 🙂

    • Nia Nour

      Thank you so much! I`m not so good, as English is not my native language, but I love writing poems 🙂

      • Emi

        Wow really? I couldn't have guessed it since your English is so good! What is your native language then?

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      • Anna

        This is a very clever poem! (^_^) I love the picture, by the way... it's very striking... :O

        • Nia Nour

          Thank you, dear Anna! I`m happy to be your friend 🙂

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