Nia Nour


 When the night

throw its sparkling

veil of stars,

When the silence

stepped quietly

on the ground,


When the clouds

slept lonely

in the sky

and the purple

moon came smiling

in its shine,


Then Purple Fairy

came out of her

home tree,

came out of

her sleep,


She put her

purple dress,

and perfume

from fresh



She flew then

to forest of

humans to

see her friend

the Black Raven


He was so ill

and looked up

to the night sky

to make his

wish for her.


She suddenly

appeared in her


all in purple veil,

her purple eyes

were sparkling

when she saw

his face.


She touched his

feathers gently

with her fairly hand.

 "You came"

The Raven said -

To see me dying

 You came at last -

 so long I was 


 So many years,

 the time has stopped..

 So many years -

 my heart in cage!

 My eyes didn`t

 see you   -

 Light of my day...

 He was so ill,

 her tears dropping

 down in his dark eyes:

 I wished to come with you

  She whispered

 My world is far away

 from here

 When just I sleep a day

 it passed an year,

 When just I close 

my eyes and open

  the century was

 passing in this moment..

 The purple Fairy

 said this words and see

 her lovely friend

 was lying cold

 on his bed tree..

 He seemed like

 deeply sleeping,

 Dreaming of his

 Purple Fairy...


  • Emi

    Another very nice and intriguing poem. 🙂 Good job. 🙂

  • Anna

    This is a beautiful poem, but sad too... I wish the raven didn't have to die :'(
    But honestly. It's marvelous. Thanks so much for posting, I enjoyed reading it a lot 🙂

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