I used to be a cheerful guy,

With flirty traits though little shy..

On streets in gangs, my eyes grew wide.

Only friends know this other side.

Just one-time watch they used to be,

And my eyes were content to see.

But I too had a heart to care;

One day it flew, I knew not where.

I followed it, I raced too far,

Was mad like one just out of bar.

I found my heart, and Someone too;

It was a glimpse of beauty, true.

And then I knew why my heart flew,

I lost it again, but din't rescue.

Days passed, weeks did, and months they became;

I dared not tell anything to the dame.

No doubt I had lost my heart to her,

But the courage I needed was much much far.

A glimpse of her just made my day,

So days just passed, I could not say.

And then one day I saw her ashore;

Her face glowed more than ever before.

Oh! Then I guessed the reason of the shine;

She held a heart, IT WAS NOT MINE.

Somewhere nearby I heard a crack,

My heart had shattered into pieces of scrap.

I took them up and a tear dropped down,

Although I know it doesn't even count.

I have learnt to swim against the tide;

Am a flirt again, and my eyes grow wide.

It aches I know, coz it's my heart;

And all those broken pieces hurt;

With all those broken pieces tho'

I still love her but does she know..???


  • Emi

    Very nice! And very sad.... 🙁

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