You left me in the storm

Laughing as you went

Drenched in rain and tears

I didn’t understand what it meant


The lightning struck nearby

And the thunder was loud in my ears

But you left me blind and deaf

In the middle of all my fears


The air was frigid and cold

And you left me there shaking

Frozen to the ground where I stood

My head and heart were aching


I felt without thinking

And now I’m but a ghost

You thought without feeling

And that’s what hurt me the most



  • broken_dreams23

    Awww don't be sad! Keep smiling 🙂
    Good job

    • Emi

      Haha thank you! 🙂 I'm actually quite happy at the moment! 🙂

      • broken_dreams23

        That's good then 🙂

      • samlagerblom

        Owww I like 🙂

        • Emi

          Thanks. 🙂

        • Anna

          I've read the comments, and if you are sad about the situation, then don't be. Sad things aren't worth our time, and so we shouldn't dwell on them. Now, happy things, on the other hand... keep them for a life time, 'cause they'll always make you smile!

          • Emi

            Haha thank you. 🙂 Thanks for your concern - I'm happy at the moment. 🙂

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