Just Right

It started like a smile

And it ended like a laugh

And then repeated over and over

Never ceasing to spread delight


It flew like a cloud

And it landed like snow

Softly and bringing joy to all

Who danced under its embrace


It grew up like a tree

And it fell down like an apple

Awaiting a savior to pick it up

And bring it home to eat


It gave warmth like a fire

And it gave cold like an ice cream

Beheld by a pair of eager young eyes

Filled with innocence and youth


It shined like the sun

And it brought night like the moon

Bringing darkness so we could see

The nighttime’s secret of stars


It kept secrets of the world

And it told the world everything

About happiness and love

And friendship and compassion


It grabbed my hand and led me

It twirled me around in a dance

In a place I had never been

A place full of wonder and bliss


Our friendship opened my eyes

And helped me close them to evil

Threw me into a world of light

And everything feels just right


  • Anna

    This is AWESOME! No better word for it! Well, maybe there is; perfect. ^O^

    • Emi

      Haha thank you. 🙂

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