Partey Time!


Im at home, all alone what can I do? Wait!
Okay, im making a party, and its going to be heck fun
Its gonna be so crazy wasted and that’s how im gonna run.!
Ima ima write a song
And your going to sing along
I wanna wanna make a beat
I wanna have you move your feet
You can dance all you like
Fill free to move, but be polite
Throw your hands in the air
As I throw the first rainbow flare
Relax, stay cool and dance
Forget about the finance
The speakers are blasting full volume
There even some people with there crzy costume!
Your mum and dad are at home
Which allows you to not use your stinkin comb
Howd you like it now?
I don’t wanna see you frown
So lets heat it up
And bring in a lot more drinking cups
Its getting quite full
I hope we have enough redbull
Jump, jump up and down
Go crazy and run around
Create a long choo choo train
that’s how we roll in spain
Asking everyone hows it
They reply its splendid
Couple of songs have gone by
Its almost time to say goodbye
Lets do it one more time
Before the police thinks this party is a crime
And before I run out of words to rhyme
Im having so much fun, what about you?
We’ve done everything, there is not much we can do!
Aww, its time to go home
Now ill be where I was again,all alone!


  • Cheeky Missy

    Very interesting and fascinating! It poignantly evoked the excitement effectively. Indeed a curious solution to being home alone...create a party. Only, as you so excellently concluded, it ends eventually, leaving the lonely again in solitude. Excellent imagery too.

  • skylar

    neva thought of it that way lol thx you like it? lol

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