15 Amendments to the Constitution of our minds




Would it change…
If the sun rose from the west?
If you aren’t wished ‘all the best’?
Or snakes walked and fishes flew
Ants vanished and dodos grew?

Would it change…
If rice no longer needed water?
And each birth demanded a slaughter?
Or if the leaves on plants turned to black?
Or England’s Queen lived in an old shack?

Would it change…
If in Hogwarts the sorting hat
Cried ‘Hufflepuff’ on Harry’s pat?
Or if in the great Caesar’s fall
‘Et tu Brute?’ was not his call?

Would it change…
If the praised Oxford Dictionary
Misspelled “evrithing” in a hurry?
Or Hitler won the Second World War?
Or North and South Poles were not so far?

It wouldn’t change anything my friends,
Except to create some different blends
In the morning papers and in our minds,
Whose windows are blinded by green blinds.          

  • Author: Quiller (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: July 30th, 2011 23:44
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  • Cheeky Missy

    Very interesting contemplation, amusing and thought-provoking! I enjoyed it. It would change if 'twas all disordered like that, seems to little me. If we alter or disrupt the present order it changes the world around us, doesn't it? Yet your conclusion seems to indicate that it is only our perception that makes everything worth its present value. Hmmm. I dunno. Just my two bits at the moment.

  • SauravRHS

    I think that our minds get adjusted to what we see... I didn't mean the above changes to be sudden... I meant that if things were like that from the beginning then would it change anything? The answer is no, because our minds would get adjusted to what we see... For example, in the Harry Potter series the boy is suddenly whisked into a world of magic and the boy's mind gets adjusted. He starts believing that magic is real... So I say our minds are ignorant. They see what they are shown... They should look beyond everything and find out the real truth...

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