Cheeky Missy

Can't Resist Her....! # II

(sonnet CLXVI)


She tangoes with allure; carefree oft dares
Detracters not to love her bait and play,
Expansive freedom ever in array
To tease and conquer.  Though her blazing airs
Offensive sometimes seem, she yet declares
Herself to be where passion dreams; risque
And yet engaging; while fruit ripens, day
Exceeds dark night, love flourishes and flares.
Her roadsides deckt, a riot e'er entice:
When heady milkweed's pungent perfume blows,
Or tiger lilies' red-orange waving spice
For eyes glows, mingling with soft-powder snow's
Blue, Queen Anne's lace in white. A paradise
Of wild flow'rs fringe the fields where grain grows.



  • Anna

    This poem made an incredibly detailed image in my head ^O^ Keep on writing!

    • Cheeky Missy

      Sweet! I guess that was my desire, mayhap more so for myself, that when the barren winter lies heavy I might return to summer's sweet allures in reading it. We'll see, eh? Thanks for your kind comment!

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