Diary of a broken girl # 1

Im alone in this world
My parents dont care for me
I hate my life
And i have many reasons why

I live in quiet, somtimes
Other times theres screaming
At me or my parents at eachother
I constanly am at hiding for this is the death of me

I hide from the ppl i hide from meeh
I dont like me, you dont like me
Were the same atleast in who we dont like
i wish i had another life

Life is ruined atleast for me
i need safe arms to hold on to when im scared


  • Cheeky Missy

    The speaker sounds just like a teenage girl. Her life is far from perfect, and yet not so ugly as she imagines it. She needs to learn to deal with it since if she becomes a woman, she will need to bear such griefs and personal displeasures gracefully, for life will ever be throwing unpleasant circumstances in her way. The embrace of a lover seems to be the answer to her, and yet it is not, exactly. What she needs is to know the truth and embrace it. Beautifully expressive of reality.

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