Huzaidi Hashim

When you went away

When you first went away

A hole was left in me

Everything was not the way

The way it used to be


Though I know it is destined

And you are where you should be

My heart still aches and bleeds

Coz you’re a part of me


But soon I'll realize

that we each have a mission

To complete, fulfill and abide

the responsibilities Allah had given


Now the world shall be a witness

Of a love story so grand and great

Coz we had chosen Allah as first

To save and protect our faith


So I’ll be waiting here, my dear,

Knowing I’ll see your smile

On the day that you appear

Coz you know that I am fine


  • Cheeky Missy

    The author's explanatory note makes this piece so much more special, for the bride's heart indeed would suffer greatly (it seems to ignorant/inexperienced me) when her husband must be absent. La, but she has a lot of suffering to bear and she is bearing it bravely and beautifully it appears to me. I hope their separation may somehow not seem as long as it is and that it may not be very long. This is beautiful. She writes well. The imagery in the S1 one is poignant, powerful and superb in indicating the loss.

  • Huzaidi Hashim

    Thanks Cheeky Missy ... I'm sure my daughter will appreciate your comments on her poem

  • tamm13

    i love this poem. it reminds me of my first love. we separated because we have prioritize our study. even if we were miles a part. i still love him and i am hoping that we will meet again..

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