"We need to talk," is a line dreaded by children,

But what if the parents won't say it?

We know it will happen eventually,

The pain comes from waiting for them asking to talk and sit.

We see the lonesome look in our mothers' smile,

The pain in our fathers' eyes.

The glance they share when they see one another,

They think they can hide their feelings of despise.

Asking for the truth does no good,

They believe hiding us will shelter us from the trouble.

So we wait, wait for them to admit to the fights,

Wait and prepare for the world to crash down on our families bubble.

We convince ourselves that when it comes we will show no hurt,

That we will not show them our true emotions.

Finally, the words are spoken, we feel a shiver of pain go through our hearts,

No knowledge could save us from what we wish would be fiction.

We try to deny the truth for as long as can be by force,

We realize no lie can keep them from getting a divorce.







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