early autumn

as my footsteps crumple crush dry leaves

twigs are brown and pavement cleaves

adjusting picture dry and yellow

 it reminds me steady and slow


that this autumnz early for me

 i smile to the green as i let it free

coz lifez like withered flower in its core

reminding me em nt a child anymore


fighting odds that come and go

i ve made mistakes as follow:

treating every life with a warm smile

bt lifez nt abt beautiful ppl meanwhile


while i searched beauty in beast

thought no heartz cold as the mist

fallacies are quiet shattering apart

early autumn knocks a gloomy start


 now that em bullet proof todae

bring on can take every "say"

coz my heart is sort o a meshwork

 i ve learnt to smile when chills mock..:)


  • Cheeky Missy

    Excellent imagery expressing the mental state of many, in the perfect context of autumn! Wow. I really like it. Beautiful and rather bitter, sweetness being but a faded, jaded memory from a disheartening past.

  • sarah

    thank you!

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