My Only Bonsai Tree

Paul Price

All along the garden edge, the pride of many years hard work,
Stood a row of bonsai trees, standing tall in tendered dirt,
each branch been sculptured carefully, each leaf is growing free,
To catch the warmth of natures sun, all place accordingly.
Some in season with flowers bright while others wait their time.
Some with seeds sway in the breeze and dance their peaceful mime.

Many an hour had been spent among each tiny little tree,
Relaxing and enjoying, adsorbing all their energy.
Birds would come and sing their song and feed on every pest,
As the trees reside in valued pots to look their very best.
No one ever commented upon their beauty, style and grace,
Because no one ever saw the effort that took place.

I lived a hermits life amongst my little trees.
But when involved I felt relaxed, content and I felt free.
Each little tree, each work of art, had been created from the soul.
The love I had for these fine trees is what had made me whole.
It was my place of solitude, where I could be alone.
Surrounded by my living art, was the place that I called home.

Then one day you came along and wandered in my yard.
I tried to chase you off but you made it awfully hard,
So unwantedly I let you stay all though you'd make me smile,
I knew I couldn't spare the time so it would just be for a while.
A homeless puppy without a name well I thought that it was time,
So name you I did and in doing so made you forever mine.

Your innocence was rewarding but to a small degree,
For each day when I came home from work another mess I'd see,
Cherished belongings rich and rare were chewed beyond repair,
And valuables I'd had for years, would vanish in thin air.
Your cuteness and your little charm would wear a little thin,
With your disobedient behaviour as you would smile your little grin.

One day in my Eden of peace and harmony,
To my dismay I couldn't believe the chaos I could see.
Branches pots scattered all over, you destroyed my whole life's work,
Trees were kindled, pots were smashed and gone was the precious dirt.
All those years and the time I spent was gone in just one day.
I lost everything I worked for because I let you stay.

I screamed and yell and kicked at you, you had hurt me I confess.
That there was no storm on this here earth that could of created such a mess.
That was the hardest day in memory, the worst day next to none
You broke my love and broke my heart, I could never forgive what you had done.
And in all the turmoil and debris abound there was one thing that I could see,
The only thing you left untouched was a single bonsai tree.

The next few days we wouldn't talk, there was nothing for me to do.
I had no garden anymore and I couldn't look at you.
No place to relax and call my own, my Eden now had gone.
No matter how big your smile was I knew you didn't belong.
But as boredom set in I had to forget about my little trees,
So I would go for walks to pass the time and you would follow me.

I brought a pair of shoes but they didn't last long with you,
So I brought another pair just for you to chew.
And you could bury them or play with them, destroy them as you might,
And you would play with them all day then place them next to mine each night.
I climbed a tree one day, for the view I'd like to see,
And right behind me you climbed to, just to be with me.

You grew into a smart young dog and well trained I may add,
Your behaviour got much better, you really weren't too bad.
You would always be beside me, but still that didn't seem enough,
So you would press your self against me to make sure our bodies touched.
And you would guard my home and property when you saw the sign.
And keep me company at night, you became a good friend of mine.

Our walks became much longer and much further as you grew,
So I brought myself a pushbike so I could keep up with you.
But you got tired quickly and then I thought that I just might,
Attach a little cushion so I could carry you on my bike.
And I put a rope on you so you could pull me up the hills
And we could both ride down together, and you enjoyed the thrill.

You learned commands like left and right and stop when we came to lights,
You knew directions where we went for you were very bright.
Every afternoon you'd get the rope and I would get my bike,
And we would go for our daily run, which was something we both liked.
To be out together running fast, we were content and I felt free.
And when we got home you would lay down on the ground, next to my only bonsai tree.

We'd go out some days to visit the local push bike track,
And race the kids around it till I would have to carry you back.
You would take the lead by the time we reach first turn,
Up and over all the jumps and high around the berms,
You learned the course and led the way even stopping for a leak,
Then streak again back passed us, flicking stones up with your feet.

All the kids would peddle mad, to try and keep up with you,
Sliding tyre's and rubbing wheels just like professional racers do.
All fighting for the lead in clouds of dirt and dust,
You would take the front and turn your head and look back and smile at us.
The stutter bumps were deadly, we would pass you every time,
But down the straight you'd get in front and finish first across the line.

Back home each time exhausted you would lay down in the dirt,
All tired and sweaty and worn out when every muscle hurt.
I would bring you cold water to try and cool you down,
And pat your panting body as you lay upon the ground,
In the shade of my bonsai tree with your chewed up shoe,
And I would lay down right beside, just to be with you.

The tree had grown taller, much to big now for its pot,
And badly needed pruning, before its roots would start rot.
But its special need for life giving dirt I would have to invest,
For the noble Fig to come of age and finally look its best,
But everyday I put it off for the task it seem so hard,
So my only bonsai tree sat alone in my backyard.

As you grew older your passion was to swim,
Where ever there was water you would always jump straight in,
But when I'd run a bath for you, you would hear the sound.
And no matter how hard I looked for you, you could not be found.
You never liked a bath even though it didn't hurt,
But loved to be rubbed down after, and then go rolling in the dirt.

Years gone by and we've grown old, all those memories from the past.
Your hairs gone gray and eyes have dimmed, and you don't move around as fast.
You've been my friend through out the years, right from the very start,
From when you destroyed my bonsai trees and then you stole my heart,
And looking back I realize how empty life would be,
If I'd spent all those years alone in my bonsai nursery.

You started breathing heavy and it continued through the night,
The next morning was the same and I knew something wasn't right.
So I took you to the vet so he could take a look at you,
He said you were dehydrated, said he'll see what he could do,
Said he'd like to get you back to health and get you feeling right,
But would like to keep his eye on you and keep you overnight.

That night at home there wasn't much for me to do,
Everything around my house reminded me of you,
That was the longest time, when from the very start,
We had always been together, we had never been apart,
Now I'd made your bed, cleaned your water and I sat there all alone
Next to my only bonsai tree, waiting for you to come back home

The next morning I hurried to the vet so I could bring you home,
The vet said your looking better but he'd like to speak to me alone,
He said your respiratory was a major problem there for you,
Said he got you rehydrated but there was nothing more he could do,
You were still breathing heavy, every breath now was a strain,
And he told me the best thing to do, was to release you from your pain.

He said that I could go and say my final words to you,
And you were glad to see me and I was so glad to see you too,
Your smile so big and eyes so bright, it was so hard to see,
That this would be the last day ever you would smile at me.
As the tears rolled down my face, I made sure our bodies touched,
But no matter how tight I hugged you, it didn't seem enough.

I finally brought you home again and we were all alone,
Where my garden used to stand, the place where you belonged.
Where you changed my life on the day you came to me,
Where I once felt content, relaxed and I felt free,
Now the night was kind so one could cry and no body else could see,
As I sprinkled dirt upon your body and gently placed,
my only bonsai tree.

In loving memory of Dakota..

  • Author: Paul Price (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 6th, 2011 20:31
  • Comment from author about the poem: True story spaning over 13years of my life, this truly came from my heart..
  • Category: Sad
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  • Cheeky Missy

    Wow! Awesome, poignant ballad of your beloved passions and the dog that won your heart and becoming your best friend, altered your life forever, mayhap. What a beautiful though lengthy tribute to that beloved late darling! Riveting and comprehensive, it was a delight to read. I really enjoyed it; wish saving it among my "favourites" could be so much more than that. I loved this. It is a precious rendering of a piece of your life.

    • Paul Price

      Thank you Cheeky; Thanks ; )

    • Anna

      Wow! I never knew such an epic poem could be written! And it's just... so warm... Thank you for sharing it, I really love it 🙂

      • Paul Price

        Thank you Anna, Its something I had to get out, had been clawing away at my insides for quite a while. thanks again ; )

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