Cheeky Missy

Alas, Love...

(sonnet # CCXLVI)

How now, Love? Wherefore doth thy romance spare
Me but in fancy's play? I see thee high
And low, in nature's fairest days and by
Thy moonlit scene's delights; ecstatic share 
The glow of verdant moments when the air 
Is laced with melodies, when clearest sky
An open face inviting seems. Yet nigh
Me e'er, well-known, thou dost deny my prayer.
My silhouettes of thy dear charms, as leaves
Perhaps that gaily dance to zephyrs' sway,
But mock my longings in their thrill that cleaves
Persistent to my dreams; the theme and lay
I sing in vain to thee, sometimes bereaves
Me of my joy, deceives, and turns life grey.


  • Author: Chic George (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 25th, 2011 17:57
  • Comment from author about the poem: How this chanced to be inspired I do not know; surely not from my enjoyments of Wordsworth this afternoon, and yet it picked up a bit of something from his work it seems to me. Anyway.
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  • sarah

    wish i cud write one too....beautiful sonnet..

    • Cheeky Missy

      Oh, but you can! I have seem your other work and I am certain you can. Only keep in mind your goal, for sonneteering is generally quite correctly assessed as being challenging. As with anything, the more you do it, the better and more or less easier it becomes. If you want any help getting into sonneteering I'd be glad to try helping you. If you want to see what my journey in sonneteering has been, see the comment I returned lately on another sonnet: In addition, I am in an online sonnet course, which is open to any interested poet; if you want more information on that, let me know. Thanks for you kind comment. I appreciate it.

      • sarah

        where do we learn it online?

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      • Bokononsense

        I'm green with envy at your mastery of the Petrarchan sonnet! (My attempts are always too disastrous to publish, I can never get the volta right)!

        Usually I find it jarring when modern poets use archaic words- thees and thys and whatnot. But you use that well here to contribute to the tone of the poem as a whole; it's absolutely convincing as something from one of the Romantics- as you point out, the reader is instantly reminded of Wordsworth at his best.

        The sentiment is beautiful and familliar, but the images you conjure in order to accentuate your theme are vivid and novel enough to keep the poem fresh and interesting.

        Delightful poetry!

        • Cheeky Missy

          Come, come, you tantalize me! I am dying to read your sonnets! Oh, you should see my first sonnets and then try comparing yours! You will find I think most of them posted here back in November when I first joined and was beginning my journey into sonneteering. I'd love to try to help you, if that's possible (hahaha, I'm nobody!).

          Thank you for your kindly critique! I suppose we write sonnets in archaic language for a couple reasons: how we perceive "sonnet" in the first place; how we write?
          Sonnets having been rated as "the most exquisite form of poetry", every aspiring poet seems to wish to claim they have written one of those! Since it is a challenging form, some appear to choose to bypass the rules for it and tack the label of "sonnet" on any piece they feel is "exquisite". Others, following the rules, may feel it is an antiquated form and therefore deserves antiquated language. I use thees and thous only occasionally, I think, for the sentiment or something that I am trying to express, I guess.

          Thank you again very much for your thought-provoking critique. I appreciated it and quite enjoyed it!

        • lezyl legaspi

          it's beautiful. and it got me wishing someday i could write sonnets, too! keep up!!

          • Cheeky Missy

            Thank you! If you are seriously interested in sonneteering and study and practice, I have no doubt but that you too shall join the ranks of sonneteers. If I can help at all, I'd be glad to. Thanks again.

            • lezyl legaspi

              I am working on some of my poems this time but I think they need a little more "inspiration". When I read them all over again, they just not worth reading. So I think I'll just embarrass myself if I'll publish them right now. So I'm still working on them. And I was hoping I could finish one sonnet one of these days. Hehe. Thanks anyway!

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