I am done with your game

Where are you when i need you the most

where are you when i feel hurt and alone

you say you love me you say you care

and yet when i need you you're never there

you say you'll stay, be by my side

but you act like you wish i wasn't in your life

you say you'll never go

but tell me why am i suppose to believe that you wont leave

although i think it'd be better if you did

i would have a broken heart

but trust i wouldn't completely fall apart

i would survive and be fine without your lies

so go on... move on... live your life

leave me behind

i'll be ok i'll be alright

beside with you all i have are sleepless nights

and tears filled in my eyes

no smiles no laughs

just pain

go on... go away...

I am done with you and with your game.


  • Cheeky Missy

    This excellently expresses those familiar struggles of romance, when he seems not as loving as she thinks he ought to be. The wrestling, I suspect, is endless, for who will satisfy entirely? We rather want what God alone can give, and ought instead, mayhap, to be more ready to give love than require its perfection from our darlings. The play of rhyming begins strongly, gradually waning as the poem wends to a finish. Excellent imagery. This poignantly conveys those miserable sentiments, that well-known bitter taste of frustration. Beautiful and bittersweet.

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