Cheeky Missy

Where's Tru Love?

(sonnet # CCCCL)

I was devoted 'til by chance recall
I thought of him. Then reason triumphed 'gain
O'er folly's cause; or folly brought back when
I fell for him: those pretty dreams, that's all.
It went so fast. Was gone ere I could call
It real, and yet can make me grieve as then
When it was swiftly lost. Aye thus I ken
How fickle and how transient's your enthrall.
How worthless are these passions, mournful sighs!
Where's that escape from this disgrace? this sphere
Of heart's deceitful twists and turns that dyes
In rouge's ugly tones? that burns to near
Destruction all my good esteem, as lies
Beguile me e'er? Where's true love shining clear?



  • nair36

    Your poetry has always been genuine and sounds to me like it will continue to remain thus.

    • Cheeky Missy

      Ah, you're too sweet, and methinks, discerning. Thanks. I really like your work too, excepting the naughty stuff. You write too well.

      • nair36

        I wrote a new one. I don't know what you might think of it but I think I'm maturing a bit with my writing.

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