Wise Mans Words

I remember you well


As I fail to fall in love with the fallacy of my current predicament

I decide to talk it out with Mr Melancholy in the mystery house

All the while drinking a calm, captivating cup of camomile tea



He tells me all the terrific things he thinks I should know,

And all the whimsical wonderment of his past deeds

But I don’t have the heart to listen and take heed, this I let him know

But he does not mind, not one bit

He nonchalantly nods and aims a senile old smile in my direction

Knowing that he has done all he needs to do

This guy is my hero



With the wise man's words still wandering around in my mind

I find myself contemplating the abject possibility

That there may actually be cause for jubilation once more

But first I must banish to the far beyond,

My unwillingness to undermine my own redundant routine

And begin again from the beginning

And at this moment

This precise moment

I am suddenly enchanted by the thought of drinking glowing grape juice on the balcony by the bay


  • Cheeky Missy

    Very interesting. This is spun together as if ethereally, in an abstract mental state, yet with a tantalizing dash of seeming humor lacing its calm discussion. I really enjoyed it.

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