Some text missing

Text msg received?

Oh! D wrds r bereaved!

Dey hav bin squeezd;

Pressd; pushd; n punchd

Derived f der lunch,

So dey stand hunchd

In2 a piddling cornr.

Hear dem cry, hear der roar

Shattrd; brusd n sore

Oh! Hw my hart mourns

2 c d maroond l8rs groan

N d afflictd lyns drone.

D day dsnt sim far

Wn ds wl bcm an irremovabl scar

Smthng beynd ppl; like a star.

N my hart wl kep on cryn

2 c d wrds dat r dying

Buried; removd; shyin Awy.

Shal nvr 4gt u

Unblemishd as in ur youth

U wre, ful n true…



  • Cheeky Missy

    Very interesting and enjoyable piece. An apt tribute to the joys of modern society and txt msging, eh?

  • SauravRHS

    Yea 😉

  • Briana

    This is such a great poem. I enjoyed it a lot.

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