Cheeky Missy

That Phantom Tease

(sonnet # CCCCLXXXIV)

That vap'rous white, myster'ous ghost whose veil
Cloaks life, creating unknown where once were
But boring vistas stretching 'round, whose blur
In whispers twisting softly, hill and vale
Just covers, thus erasing all details
In gentle moisture's tender breath, th'allure
Of what might lie hid, buried now, obscure
Half teases, quite romances when't assails.
And how I love its dear embrace! Its light, 
Pervading touch that charms where'er it goes;
Its phantom presence suits my appetite
For such charades and mystic overthrows
Of ordinary dullness, as its sleight
In subtle cheer of mist my world o'erflows.



  • karen

    Have you published your poems in books or something?
    You write so beautifully and professionally. I read some of your poems and I am surprised I only saw you name on here not somewhere else. This poem is very well written. It's written with thought and understanding.

    • Cheeky Missy

      Thank you very much. No, I am just a little nobody. I am only published online so far, on the few sites I am registered as a user. For over half a year now friendly folk have been urging me to try being published in the real world, which is my dream. Maybe someday soon that will come to pass. For now, I am merely online. Thanks very much for your kind comment.

      • karen

        I am speaking the truth. I am sure that someday maybe in a year or two I will be reading your published work outside of online publishing.

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