Cheeky Missy

Rising Ere Dawn?!

(sonnet # CCCCXCIV)

This rising up before day shows its face,
While night enshrouds with darkness' cloak, sleep's lures
By heavy velvet drowsiness few cures
Admitting to shake slumber's chains a space,
Is needful, but of course, requires some grace,
Or more a forcing 'gainst those overtures
Whose sweet persuasions laziness endures
But feebly, and's will's fight t'embrace.
That said, distasteful to man's worser side,
It often seems more lofty then to seize
The chance t'arise above, to conquer, stride
Quite early off to meet the strife, lest ease
Thus weaken will and make loss but preside
When all is done. And yet, I love dream's keys.



  • diamonddagger

    I think you did very well getting up early and writing a sonnet that is this well thought out. Good job. diamond

    • Cheeky Missy

      Thank you, very much. As it has been so long since penning this sonnet, lost to the plethora that filled the interval twixt then and now, I don't know the details anymore, but know this, which perhaps you may have experienced...when inspiration strikes, if nothing forbids writing, then regardless the earliness or lateness, you write. You know what I mean? Anyway, thanks, I kinda don't consider it such a feat. That's all, not to downplay your kindness, though. Thanks again.


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