Confusing Poems

Why are poems so confusing?

Not all of them are,

Some are easy.

Is it easy to write one?

I guess yes,

I guess no,

Maybe both,

Why are poems so confusing?

They can be about anything,

Is it true?

We can write poems about anything!

I guess so,

But why are poems still so confusing?




  • Cheeky Missy

    An interesting reflection, offered as a private little muse. After all, it is apparently commonly believed that poetry is essentially nonsense. And from such an assessment some folk seem inclined to write unintelligibly, persuaded that they have written a wonderful piece of art. That folly seems all part and parcel of modern thought and the tendency to throw out all rules and redefine truth and right until we imagine that the mere essentials to make art are art in themselves. Interesting discussion and provocative.

    • karen

      This was my first poem ever. I wrote it last year. I am not really a poet but I tried to make this from a non-poet point of view. You can't really expect to get poems from a 14 year old who hasn't really had real experience.

      • Cheeky Missy

        Oh, I don't know about that. Who said this was not a poem? Admittedly my first poems (I think when I was likewise 13 or 14) definitely incorporated rhyme and something like meter, but there is plenty of free verse. I think this first poem of yours is very nice. Don't you?

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