Longing in my heart for something unknown

with faltering steps and feeling alone

I am silently waiting for someone, somewhere 

to fill me with the warmth of feelings that are shared

Tired of the passion that makes me cry out

with yearning and feeling like screaming aloud

I long for the day I can finally share

The love of that someone who's waiting out there


Soki Gb    Puerto Rico

All Rights Reserved


  • Cheeky Missy

    Very lovely and richly poignant, so beautifully rendered with delightful flow and end-rhyming, yet sweetly brief as if succinct, how this deliciously renders the plea so many hearts seem likewise echo, each lost in our own little worlds, reaching, crying, wistfully longing empty-armed. Paired with that heart-wrenching piece, which again, so many echo painfully, la this packs a punch, to say the least. Thanks for sharing. In a sense I'd say I keep thinking its answer is in flesh and blood, and in another more true sense, the Word of God says it best: "..He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the hungry soul with goodness." Ps 107:9b?, if only we'd see that. I enjoyed this very much, maybe because I am too fond of bittersweet pieces. Thanks again.


    • sokibgb

      Thank you Jenny for reading and commenting my poem. Your beautiful words are music for my soul. You are correct in describing the feelings I try to convey. He satisfies the longing soul, and fills the .hungry soul with goodness. All I can say is Amen, soki

    • bigwolf

      I hope you get all you are hoping for, nicely written soki.

      • sokibgb

        I have already gotten so very much that if there isn't that much more
        I 'd still be content. Thanks bigwolf, soki

      • baj-a

        you captured the emotions of longing for someone to love and share your life with so beautifully that you capture the readers hearts.

        • sokibgb

          In the course of life I think we have all felt. the longing of sharing all phases of our lives with that special someone who will love and accept us just the way we are. Thanks baj-a for commenting. Have a day full of love.soki

        • diamonddagger

          this is a very beautiful poem of longing for someone to share your life with. You have captured a long lost feeling of forever that many people share with you.

          • sokibgb

            Hello, Diamond. Many people have felt the loneliness of being alone and the longing for love and acceptance I just put it into words so that they know is part of being human and normal, Thanks for reading and commenting, Your friens, soki

          • colin

            I can really relate to this poem Soki

            • sokibgb

              Colin, just like in my poem I am sure that there is someone wonderful waiting for you also. I am sure you and her will meet one day, soki

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