I dreamed last night I had a castle

way up in the sky

With a door like a big red heart

and on it a bright white sign

The sign was for the children

who needed such a place

Where Kindness was The Ruler

and Love his lovely Mate


Where children's hearts had time to heal

where love and kisses lived

and words of kindness with laughter

Made children dreams fullfilled


My castle in the sky!

To keep the children safe

Where sorrow and sadness 

were never found

For Love kept them away

My castle in the sky!

Where I wish I still lived

Filling their little hearts with love

My most wonderful wish


  • Cheeky Missy

    Lovely and thought-provoking, all the more so for the delicate nature of the castle's precious occupants as well as my having lately mused afresh on Ian Van Dahl's "Castles in the Sky." There is an end to this world and all its evil, meantime our refuge, as you appear to endorse, is the LORD Himself, Who made the little ones and to Whom we cry for their salvation and shelter, you know? Beautifully rendered with excellent imagery and accompanying illustrations. Thanks for sharing.


    • sokibgb

      Thank you, Jenny for reading and commenting on one of my favorite poems, I really do appreciate your opinion. It is a pleasure communicating with you. Have a hapy day, Soki

    • baj-a

      such a delicate topic and handled so beautifully and with such sensitivity. we should all have such castles in the sky.

      • sokibgb

        I wish everybody did. The world would be a much better place, especially for all the children. Have a lovely day, Soki

      • diamonddagger

        i loved everything about this poem. The picture was stunning, the song went right along with you poem and the poem itself is truly what every child needs. great job!!!

        • sokibgb

          Thank you Diamond, I am so happy you enjoyed my poem. This one is a favorite of mine .Glad to shared it. Happy day to you,Soki

          thank you

        • bigwolf

          I hope the children will have someone to watch over them, nice write soki.

          • sokibgb

            I wish all children had somebody to watch over them, bigwolf.
            Thank you for reading and commenting, soki

          • colin

            Beautifully Written Soki & well said

            • sokibgb

              thank you colin, for reading and commenting, I'm glad you liked it, soki

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