Who am I

I look in the mirror and say that I'm Okay but I know deep down inside I lost my pride I try to hide and put the pain aside but I can't describe this person that I see I say that I'm Okay but Im wearing a mask in disguise and I look myself in the eyes and cry I say that I'm okay and that I'll be fine but when you feel the pain that I feel your self esteem declines and your heart turns black And you open your own casket I say that I'm okay but behind this mask is a person who is getting dressed in all black its a person whos not looking back and is ready to close her eyes I say that I'm okay but at the end of the day I'm walking on glass and I shake and I'm afraid but the real question is how does it feel to bury yourself alive? I'm still wondering who am I ?


  • Nilanjan

    I think you need a bit formatting for easy readability... The subject matter is quite nice!!

    • JasmineRay

      Yeah im sorry about that, and thank you 😌 i appreciate you taking your time out of your day to read it

    • Shadow05

      The format is quite difficult to read, but I think this adds to the questioning of "Who am I?" as you are free-flowing your emotions without structure as you're so emotional and wanting to find answers. You have used some cliche lines such as "wearing a mask" which suggests that you are hiding who you are to everyone else. "open your own casket" in itself is quite chilling, and with "dressed in black" suggests that you are mourning your own death or rather the death of the "mask" and trying to work out who you really are. Good read and I'm sure will relate to a lot of people.

    • JasmineRay

      I'm sorry about that & thank you, and your very much right, and thanks again for taking the time out of your day to read it, it means a lot i appreciate it

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