Sometimes I wish you didn’t exist

Because I knew you wasn’t shit

I put everything in this relationship

And all I got was a torn up heart.

Im forever cold

Im forever numb

I can never trust

All because of you.


You took that away

You left me to bleed

I hate you

But I cant stop loving you


Ive slowly became obsessed with your touch

Youre my addiction

Why did you have to do this to me

Why did I fall in love with you

Ive seen people come and go

I tried getting rid of your memory

But like crack to a fiend

You’re all it seems I need.


Those dark brown eyes always gave me butterflies

Lips pink as cotton candy

Voice smooth as butter

I’m under your spell.


You’ve trapped me in my own personal Hell

While you just enjoy me suffering

You know I need you

You know I want you

But you still chose to get rid of me ….


What did I do?

What made you run away?

Why you let me waste away into an abyss of unhappiness?

You aint shit

And never will be

Give me my CDs

You can keep the movies

Aint no need to call me

Ima move on completely

You don’t have to lie, no more,

You don’t have to pretend, no more


Never have to say you love me

Never have to hold me

Get rid of those bittersweet memories

And never see me again









  • Ken

    Your words, your feelings, the pain that you endured during that time flow freely. Peace be with you.

  • Danyla101

    Great poem it reminds me of my first love.

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