...one poet to another


   When one mind courts another
   It is a thought for sore brains

   One speaks, completed by the other
   Maybe indeed Cupid reigns

  Too many times no one will bother
  With the complexity of heart strains

  Still when one soul loves another
  From the galaxy, star dust rains





  • Author: jemina (Offline Offline)
  • Published: January 18th, 2016 21:39
  • Comment from author about the poem: ..falling in love with a friend can be awkward, painful... Can one chose who one falls in love with?
  • Category: Friendship
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  • Sarah_and_Elizabeth

    "When one mind courts another." I like that thought. Its not just about something physical.


    Thanks for sharing JEMINA (lovely name) I'm about the same age as you and an environmental scientist. So you know as I know "falling in love" is as random as liking (or not liking) certain types of wine. Of course the senses are involved: Sight ~ Scent ~ Savour ~ Sound ~ Sense of touch ~ BUT ~ something mystical happens and you are IN LOVE ! Is it cerebral ~ physiological ~ psychological or just fate ? 'm still single (I have a current GF ~ 28 whom I love) but in my (limited experience) being IN LOVE is awesome and takes no notice of colour ~ class ~ country ~ creed ~ chronology or even gender ! This explains sometimes why our parents are quite "taken aback" by whom we choose to date. Being IN LOVE (thank goodness) overrides suitability. This is where "dating agencies" get it all wrong ! Love the structure and subject of your poem ! Thanks for sharing ~ BRIAN

    • jemina

      many thanks Brian, nice of you to stop by, 'm pleased... your comments are rich and 'm appreciative of the depth as well as width of your thoughts regarding both poems... they (your thoughts) are a huge compliment in themselves.
      *chuckling to self* ---- seeing as i have been completely reliant on Dating apps I must confess :_X
      You are right Love (of a certain type) transcends all understanding and its sheer magnitude, beauty is astounding... but thats a poem for another day... X

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks JEM ~ Because you are a Female Medic "casual / normal" dating must pose difficulties so I can see why you could prefer to use Dating Apps to find an appropriate Professional Young Man. I have dated Nurses (lovely Ladies) but never a Female Doctor ! My current GF is a Teacher and they are also very nice Ladies. Love to read more of your Poetry ~ Love BRIAN

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