Lost love

Aa Harvey

Lost Love



There was a girl whose heart felt so cold;

Her true story has never been told.

With her head full of dreams, she walked the streets;

She dreamed of having the world at her feet.



She was trying to live on the razors edge;

She appeared from nowhere and left me for dead.

Screaming from a wonderland inside my head,

Came the sound of a frightened animal so easily lead.



I am an animal lost in loves wilderness,

Begging for another chance to be blessed.

She may be gone, but she is always inside me.

She cleared away the bad memories the bleach couldn’t reach.



This isn’t a day for suicide,

This is a day to rejoice and say “I’m alive!”.

Love echoes inside each and every one of us;

Even angels cry tears of love into dust.



Now I’ve got you under my skin in the summertime;

Nailed perfectly inside my heart and mind.

Love is born to die with no time on our side,

We rush along so blind in search of loves light.



Free love is my drug and love is endless;

Now love will be reborn and I have found a long forgotten happiness.



(C)2012 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

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