Here I am
When the bright beautiful bedazzling sun just set
Lost in the wilderness of earth
Sitting on a small smooth stony solid rock
With a tall big palm tree by its side
I stared
Through the depth of the deep dammed river defiled with dirt
I look up to see the river surrounded with land
Ooooh! It’s a lake; I sighed
Because I had longed to see an island
The cloud cover was lighter and dispersed
Happy I am, because am scared of rain



My bare feet was burrowing the soil
As is saw the earthworm toil
Turning over the soil but uncoil
Then I heard this sweet stirring sonorous sound
It was from a brightly colored beautiful bird
Nature is amazing! I exclaimed
Before I could stand up from the rock
I saw a herdsman and his flock
Controlling his white weighty wild-looking cows with wrought
With white weightless birds following them
And eating up insects on the cows back
Biology symbiosis, I remembered




The cloud cover is forming again
It looks very thick and dark
I was as still as a stagnant water
The excitement became lower
My lips became bitter
I exclaimed, cant it rain later?!
Without rain or cold, I started to shiver
I ran home as fast as usain bolt
Halfway, the heavy downpour started
Lightening followed by thunder elated
Nature is awesome! I exclaimed

  • Author: EL-ADRAFAT (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 7th, 2016 13:53
  • Comment from author about the poem: My reflections about nature.........please help correct my mistakes cos m an amateur
  • Category: Reflection
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    HI ADRAFAT - Welcome to My Poetic Side - nice site - awesome poems - nice people. Great first poem full of action and nature in all her shapes and sizes. In nature - everything is beautiful - in its own way ! Thanks for caring and sharing - BRIAN


      Thank you .. I really appreciate

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