My future?



Another teen who will become an adult

Finish high school

Finish college 

Get a job

Won't stray

Outside of the societal ideal

Won't be a failure

I will become another drone

Working towards a happy life

Happy being a synonym for money

Happiness seems to be a faraway land

One that will not be brought on by 

A diploma

'Nor a good paying job

But hey that's what the adults say right?

Although...every adult I've talked to tells me

"You don't want to grow up"

Which is to say that they wish they hadn't 

Which is to say that the societal ideals

Got them nowhere

But here I am

Trying harder and harder to just get out of high school

To move on to more work

To the rest of my life

Life being a synonym for Work




But isn't that what everyone is working towards?




  • Author: ~xx (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 8th, 2016 15:31
  • Category: Reflection
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    HI PF - Welcome to My Poetic Side - Great site - awesome poems - great people. Love you poem - full of teenage angst. But it does not have to be like that ! Be a free spirit - make your own choices -m choose a career you like. Don't be dictated to by others. For me Satisfaction in a job is more important than Salary ! For many people in jobs they hate (to earn a crust) it is as you say STRESS - SADNESS - UNFAIRNESS - but it has never been like that for me. I chose to study Science and become a Tutor - not much money but lots and lots of satisfaction ! Best wishes - BRIAN

    • PerpetualFlowers

      Thank you for the reply, and I agree that I should try to be more optimistic, I just stress about the future a lot.

    • LaRose

      Good advice Brian to PerpetualFlowers. I have many more years behind me than i do in front and when i look at the balance, my greatest time (read as happy) was when i set my own value, held to my dream and let others just see the whisp of passing. Ode to be young again, even if it was without what i know now. PerpetualFlowers, you will make it.

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