Study of a Man walking on a grey path in the Rain

And the grey of the sky

Is the same pale grey as the gravelled ground that turns beneath his feet

Or perhaps a stiller hue of blue.

He picks out with his eye

The larger stones that match the sky;

Their grey, compliant pairings

Move and crack.

His bag creaks like summer rain on rock,

And from the sky

A pleasant rain descends, uneven

On the stones below.

Dark drops that graze his back,

And sticky clothes against pale skin

Protest and cling.

Murky droplets scatter on the path.

A pigeon, startled, coos and beats grey wings,

And slowly flees across the pale sky.

The shifting heads of grass by one foot and the next

Shake under pattering drops,

Shedding sticky seeds, to catch

On leave of weeds, which crowd the ground

That cracks beneath black shoes.

He frowns: a smell of pungent wetness.

Trampled flowers dull with damp and dust,

Crumpling, their stems yield to heavy feet.

All nature breathes compliance.




    THANKS RISA - for sharing such an exquisite poem of Man & Nature in harmony. As i recited the poem (out loud - I am a performance poet) those (three friends) who listened said they could see the path and the stones and feel the rain. They could sense the pigeon and the effect of his heavy footprints on grasses and wild flowers ! All nature breathes compliance ! You poem does exactly what a good poem should do (when read or recited) stimulates all the senses ! Thank you - BRIAN

    • -risa-

      Hi Brian, thanks for your comment, and I'm so pleased you enjoyed it! It's wonderful to have somewhere like this to read other people's writing, and share my own. (:

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