Broken Dawn

The day dims to an end,

The conversation comes to a close.

The flight begins to descend,

And time slows.

Silence falls across the land.

A quiet no one can withstand.

A fight that can never be won.

An action that can never be undone.

You may try to escape.

Too scared to stay and grow.

Too weak to be reshaped,

It's just so difficult to let go.

Give in to the world as rain begins to fall,

You try to remain strong and stand tall,

But you collapse within the shower,

Overcome by nature's hidden power.

Rain breaks down walls of emotion,

Opening the flood of gates for commotion,

Releasing a flood stronger than the ocean,

A flood of lost devotion.

You no longer understand the life you're living,

Forfeit all the effort you were giving,

Why is such a life so unforgiving?

You remain quiet during the day,

Afraid of what they may say,

Afraid they may no longer stay.

So this pain I must embrace,

This is a pain only I can face.

If there is one thing taken by this rain,

Please let it take my brain.


The world better have a plan for the broken,

For that is all I am.

I am just a broken man.



    WOW SSS another great intraspective poem ! It's 8 am here and your poems sure make me think. I love rhyming couplets so much flow and rhythm in this ode great to recite ! Love the last triplet. Life does have a plan for each of us but sometimes we see it too late ! "The world better have a plan for the broken - For that is all i am - I am just a broken man" Awesome finale - BRIAN

    • StuckInSweetSurrender

      Thank you! My personal style, I like poems that end with a strong message, phrase, or just deeper meaning. I really appreciate the comment!

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