There's a crisis


Crisis. Isis.
Crisis. Isis.
Bombs. Animosity.
Blamed on religion,
What a contradictory.
I disagree.

Rid religion all together?
So rid Christmas, Easter and all celebratory?
O so you've changed your mind, it is not religion, it's now terrorists, but not just terrorists. it's Muslim terrorists.A terrorist is a terrorist. Or is it the refugees?
Don't you realise they just want to be free.
They crave just as much safety.
So why do we violate and provoke the demons rather than trying to keep the rest of them sane.
God. If there is a God, all that will be given from him is the look of disappointment.

1 bomb? No. 10?not enough. 1000?perfect. Where will we place them? O yes not towards the actual problem, but the innocent civilians who have no actual involvement. Yes. Let's make them suffer.

But wait? What? That is not enough? You want everyone dead? Won't that be tricky? But there already dead to you I suppose.

Because there's always enough money to kill people, but never enough money to help them.




  • Author: AWM (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 18th, 2016 12:11
  • Category: Sociopolitical
  • Views: 30
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    HI AWM WELCOME TO - My Poetic Side - Great site - awesome poems - nice poets. Love you first poem - bursting with energy and angst ! It's very true that n the 21st C - "There is always enough money to KILL people - but never enough money to HELP them". Great last line. There is great rhythm in your poem and enough rhyme to make it flow. Thanks for sharing - BRIAN

  • W. G. Simms

    Definitely thought-provoking and provides an intense visual for the reader! I also love the presentation, it really gives a chaotic vibe to the piece, look forward to seeing more. -W. G. Simms

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