WHAT IS A SEED ? Rogation Sunday 2016


W hat's is a seed - what's in a seed ?

H ow does such a small and shrivelled thing

A lways result in a flower a vegetable

T hat looks (and tastes) just like it says on the packet ?


I plant lots of seeds on my allotment

S owing them in good soil and watering


A seed is full of great expectations !


S ow them in hope - harvest them with joy

E very seed contains DNA derived from its "parent"

E ach seed has DNA for its species - veggie or flower

D ont ever take seeds for granted - each one is JEWEL !


Have you planted any seeds this year ?  Please comment - BRIAN

  • Author: BRIANSODES (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 1st, 2016 03:24
  • Comment from author about the poem: I'm a BIOCHEMIST and for me each seed I plant is an experiement in science and faith. I know my carrot seeds contain carrot DNA and I have faith that they will germinate and produce carrot plants the root of which will be good to eat - carrots are yummy ! My part is in preparing the soil (not too much clay for carrots) watering and protecting my growing plants fom weeds (competition) and insects who will eat them. I find growing things very cathartic - flowers for beauty and veggies and fruit for body ! Thanks for reading - please comment - BRIAN
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  • laurenloveme4lifegodknowsall

    I like how u started ur sentaces out with each letter of the title u were thinkin of seeds as vegies an i think of them as life words can be the start of a seed in some ones heart the dna for change in some ones life wat is a seed well it can be many things


      Thanks LAUREN for youy very encouraging and perceptive answer. This type of poem is called an ACROSTIC - please try one sometime ! It does not have to rhyme but it looks good if the lines are the same length - OK - BRIAN

      • laurenloveme4lifegodknowsall

        I thats cool i didnt know ther wer different types of category's for poem an ther r so many good poems to read i liked ur seed poem an thank u for letting me know wat type it is one day i might try to write acrostic one wen i read some more of them to undertand how

      • kaychee

        This is such a brilliant poem. For me, each seed is like hope and every time one is planted it gives more hope for new life to spring.

        • BRIAN & ANGELA

          Thanks KAYCHEE - each seed is full of promise and gives us hope and assurance for the future - OK - Yours BRIAN

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