LET'S KILL THE STIGMA! (A Poem About Mental Illness)


People don't like addressing stigmas, 

So they tend to grow into huge enigmas.  


“Just sweep it under the rug,” some say. 

“If we don't discuss it, it’ll go away.”


Stigmas are really big in the Church, 

Some sit and judge on a prideful perch.


There's a stigma of mental illness. 

But if we come together, we can kill this.


Let’s kill the stigma … one person at a time!


Rather than talking about suicide, 

Many bury their heads; trying to duck and hide. 


But if we don't talk, there's a price to pay.  

One hundred plus suicides each and every day. 


So, if mental illness is your struggle,  

You can’t just pull yourself from the rubble.


Many people with problems need therapy. 

That doesn't make them weak or crazy.


People say, “the problem's just spiritual,” 

And any talk of treatment is immaterial.


Sadly, this line of thinking is typical, 

But when you think about it, it’s hypocritical! 


Some of these same people take insulin, 

Since diabetes treatment involves medicine. 


You see, all illnesses began with Adam's sin. 

That includes the ones that cause our heads to spin. 


You may have a chemical imbalance, 

That requires medical assistance. 


If your serotonin level is low, 

Meds can help you get up and go.


Does it make a brother less of a Christian, 

If he’s diagnosed with clinical depression?


Why is it that we whisper about a sister? 

Is it because she has a form of bipolar?


Do they necessarily lack faith, 

If every day some pills they must take?


Those suffering with mental illness,

Are no less human than the rest of us.


So, don't call them 'retarded'!

To God, they are highly regarded. 


There's no shame in Christians seeking help, 

To address the emotional pain they’ve felt.


Yes, prayer and the Bible are foundational, 

But God also gave us health care professionals. 


There are Christians who love the Lord Jesus, 

They’ve been trained to help when they see us.   


But how can they help us if we never go? 

This is the reason some may never grow.


The bravest thing you could ever do, 

Is to seek help and find life anew.


People don't like addressing stigmas, 

So they tend to grow into huge enigmas.  


“Just sweep it under the rug,” some say. 

“If we don't discuss it, it’ll go away.”


Stigmas are really big in the Church, 

Some sit and judge on a prideful perch. 


There's a stigma of mental illness. 

But if we come together we can kill this. 


Let’s kill the stigma … one person at a time!

  • Author: Joel A. Bowman, Sr. (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 2nd, 2016 15:16
  • Comment from author about the poem: The stigma of mental illness is really big in local churches, across denominational, social , and racial lines. As both a pastor and mental health professional, God has strategically positioned me to bridge the gap between the Church and the mental field.
  • Category: Sociopolitical
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    Thanks for sharing JOEL. I have worked with people with mental disorders and what they need above all else is TLC and LOVE. Christians should be sensible and take appropriate medication but we have "A GOD who heals us" so Prayer and Trust in the Lord are also important. In my experience people who are depressed and despised love someone to pray with them. Often they become Christians because a Christian cared for them Your poem advocates PILLS & PRAYER just a a starving person needs BREAD & THE BIBLE. As Christians we are called to be encouragers. Not to show a person what he can't do but to encourage him to do what he can do. Education is often too negative and judgmental. AMEN and Blessings - BRIAN

  • laurenloveme4lifegodknowsall

    I really liked ur poem its speaks truth i am apostolic an we believe acts 2:38 an we also belive tht is u have a mental illness it should be adressed god is a healer but some crosses u have yo bare because of sin an our fleshly body there absolutly is no shame in having a mental illness because of my pastors guidance i was able to tke the steps i needed for my own mental battles mental illness is very real an u r so right god gave us pastors an doctors plus meds to help those issues u see no matter what cross any one bares he always give us help in some cases even a way out

  • Despina Nicole Cambosos

    Great spiritual take on a serious social issue.

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