Honesty we run from it the shame y own to up to ur own mistakes wen u can play the blame game  they smile they laugh they could probably even teach a class on petty ways to throw a rock an hide your hand honest people are considered rude an mean sometimes compulsive because they speak their minds an know how to read between the lines they pull your coat tail with no shame an yes the own up to their mistakes an take their own blame but honest is considered a shame they peg u as a fire starter but their the ones fueling the flame they hit below the belt now that is the shame but no the honest one that's who they blame afraid of truth their cowards an full of fear there so petty i cud shed a tear no growth no hope there mind sets are too low a ghetto mentality that's there reality  

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    VERY TRUE LAUREN ! Love the form of this poem - straight from your heart ! One continuous unpunctuated sentence throbbing with rhyme and rhythm ! Love the message of this poem " When we are dealing with people honesty and openness is always the best policy !" Always tell it like it is and trade truth for truth - YOURS BRIAN

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