-rainy day dreams-

Poetry Day #1: Acrostic

-rainy day dreams-


Rat-a-tat-tat, the rain pours down again,

All of the land is soaked with the heaven’s tears.

Inducing sadness, yes, but bringing life,

Now that the world can be refreshed once more. 

Yet, why must I feel like this rain is drowning me?


Dreaming about the sun, the wind, even the clouds,

Anything that will take away this sorrowful feelings.

Yet the rain still continues to fall down.


Day breaks once more, and I continue to watch the sky.

Red, yellow, orange, pink, and the white clouds float.

Endings are bittersweet, aren’t they?

Although sadness will always be in my heart,

My smile will rise above the pouring rain like the sun,

So I’ll continue to dream until the rain stops once more.



    WELCOME FRISK - Love the visual - love the poem - Acrostics are my fave poetic form. Your content mirrors your title perfectly and (like rain !) your acrostic has flow and rhythm. Rat-a-tat-tat - heaven's tears - bringing life - BUT - drowning me. Lovely fluid us of language and feeling ! Dreaming about the Sun - but (sadly) - the rain continues to fall ! Clours - bitter sweet endings - but endless sorrow of heart. Love the optimism in the ending - My smile will rise - I'll continue to dream - lovely. I've written lots of ACROSTICS (please check) I wish I'd written this one - well done. BRIAN

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