In the UK for every FIVE square miles

we have ONE mile of rugged coast !

With the rise in sea level we really .....

are under threat.  Love to live near the coast

with lovely views of the sea and the ships.

BUT - when coast erodes - the houses go too.

Some second homes - some owned by Pensioners !


House built too near the coast are worthless

no one wants to buy then or even rent ......

You don't want to end up - lost in the sea !

We don't build too near the coast any more.

How can we stop it - houses under threat ?

We must stop global warming - ice caps are ......

melting causing the sea levels to rise !


Thanks for reading - please comment - thanks - BRIAN


This poem is a 7 7 blank verse sonnet in iambic pentameter - OK


  • paulamcnealy

    Wow. I totally agree and it is one of my biggest fears. Question for you. Do you work for this sight and Im new at this how do I add you as a friend? Looking forward to reading more of your poetry.


      Thanks PAULA - I am an encourager on this site and I like to welcome and comment on new poets - OK. If you click on a Poets profile there should be a blue box which says REQUEST FRIENDSHIP - OK - BRIAN

      • paulamcnealy

        Thank you Brian you are awesome

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