Take Me To Your Dealer

Amber Hawken

As Jeff lay there in his room,

Gazing up at the moon,

Out of nowhere came this beam,

Bathing the walls in a vivid green,

The wispy figure standing there,

Bosom covered with long silver hair,

Cladded armour polished to a sheen,

A creature like nothing he had ever seen,

He didn't know whether to run or hide,

As her tail lashed out from side to side,

Suddenly she started to dance,

Hypnotising Jeff into a trance,

He asked her 'Why are you here?',

Then leaning closer she whispered in his ear,

'The male human form I appreciate, so I've come to earth to find a mate',

As alien flesh touched human skin,

The never before was about to begin,

She ran a claw down his thigh,

As a probe appeared from her right eye,

Terrified where this would be inserted,

He glanced down at his penis hoping she wouldn't hurt it,

Recoiling at what stood before him,

His blood pressure started soaring,

Heart thumping inside his chest,

Desperately gasping for his breath,

Whatever it was had left its mark,

Plunged into blackness,all went dark,

Opening his eyes he looked around him,

No green light did surround him,

The figure gone that was there before,

The mutant beauty he could have sworn he saw,

Voices on the TV in the distance,

No evidence of her existence,

Touch is not something you can imagine,

Forehead creased trying to fathom,

Had he experienced the fourth kind?,

Or was he barmy, out of his mind?,

Least he couldn't say his night was boring,

Which normally ended up in front of the TV snoring,

All of a sudden he felt so tired,

Feeling so stoned, so bloody wired,

It had been a strange night indeed,

But fucking hell that was some good weed,


  • Author: Amber Rahman (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 1st, 2016 00:51
  • Category: Fantasy
  • Views: 104
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    GREAT FANTASY POEM AMBER - Thanks for sharing. Sounds like an LSD Trip to me or a mega dose of cannabis. JEFF was lucky he could easily have lost his manhood if it had been a real GOTH and not just an hallucination ! Love the structure ofthe poem rhyming couplets and rippling with rhythm as becomes the subject. Some conside recreational drugs to be harmless but friends of mine (From College Days) went up so high they never came down again. Castlemaine XXXX never did that to me ! Thanks YOURS BRIAN

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