Remembering the Island of Treason

I've memorized all the waves racing to the golden sand

I've memorized the seagulls being pushed by Poseidon's giant hand


I remember awakening on Odysseus's land

finding that Penelope has gone to hunt

the insistent suitors who now cry,as Muses once sang,

and I've memorized that too.





    Thanks for sharing LYSIS - haunting poem and a trip into Greek Mythology' Poseidon (God if the Sea) Odysseus (King of Ithaca) and his beautiful (yet faithful) wife Penelope. Oh yes I remember it all so well ! Thanks for sharing and stirring (the grey matter !). Well structured poem. Yours BRIAN

  • Berthold Lippel

    I never thought to memorize waves
    but of course
    A good poem: yes, I have felt like that.
    A great poem:yes, I have never felt like that.
    Lysistrata writes great poems

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