She was the Sun


Once, she was the Sun

And oh how she shone


Her golden hair fell in rays

Effortlessly framing her face

Contrasting the tan skin

Of her shoulders and back


Her eyes were so bright

They could blind you

If you stared for too long

Their light too pure


The warmth of her laugh

Was a gift to the world

It could make frost melt

And flowers grow


Her light sparkled and gleamed

Only growing stronger

As her world grew darker

Seemingly endless was her light


But the night had his ways

His darkness encompassing

He seeped into her cracks

Seeking her flaws and her shames


And before she knew it

She was no longer the sun

Just an empty, dim shell

With no power to tell her story


But once, she was the Sun

And oh how she shone

  • Author: SheWasTheSun (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 4th, 2016 00:37
  • Comment from author about the poem: In case you wondered where my name came from...
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  • sickmind666

    Interesting poem I enjoyed it especially cause it symbolizes your chosen name on mypoeticside.

    • SheWasTheSun

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed


      WOW SUN-GIRL THIS REALLY IS A POEM ! Six perfect free verse quatrains - which perfectly tell your story ! Golden hair - Bright eyes - Warm laugh - Growing stronger (I love this Lady !). Then - overcome by DARKNESS - No longer the Sun - an empty dim shell ! This verse made me shed tears. However the opening and closing doublets give me hope "But once she was the the Sun ~ And oh how she shone !" Memories are made of this - Thanks for sharing and caring - BRIAN

      • SheWasTheSun

        Brian you are so sweet!. Your reaction to this poem is exactly how I feel about it. Thank you so much.

      • lysistrata

        I am not into confessional poetry,
        but Thanks for sharing with us your true life story.

        They say that only a flower that falls is a complete flower,
        while when it comes to the sun,"you can shut it out for a time, but it ain't going away.”
        It would shine again...

        • SheWasTheSun

          I love that! This poem definitely stems from personal experience, though it is dramatized a bit for the sake of the work. I'm going to remember that quote about the sun for sure

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