Perfection personified - My

Water Lilly Girl PETULIA

Dreams of her - still can make me cry

She is everything and more - unique peculiar !


Water Lillies are a flower Divine

Imortalised by Monet in his garden

Oh how I longed to make Petulia mine 

Each glimpse of her - my "resolve" did harden.


Ruby lips and chestnut hair - Her

Figure sculptured was in chaste whiteness hidden

Eyes full of love (with tinges of despair)

But for her love my mind and heart was driven !


Alas one day just as the blooms decayed

My Love was gone - left me bereft dismayed !


Thanks for reading - please comment - BRIAN


Petulia is beautiful and lives on in my heart !


This is a 4 4 4 2 Rhyming Sonnet 


  • DubbleDhee

    I don't normally go in for love poems, but I must say this one is quite beautiful. Just curious: Does Petulia represent the girl that got away......?


      Thanks for your comments DD ! There is more than one (well I am 33 !) However the fantasy is based on a GF called JULIA who i let (like a fool) flow through my fingers ! C'est la vie ! BRIAN

    • ShanikiSmith

      This poem was very interesting! It was outstanding. Keep up the good work!
      From Shaniki Smith

      • BRIAN & ANGELA

        Thanks for your encouraging comment SHANIKI I do my best. I like my poems to have structure and content. Water Lilly Girl is a beautiful fantasy which I hope my sonnet gave life to ! Yours BRIAN

        • ShanikiSmith

          Welcome Keep up good work!!!!

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