A Vision of a New Kingdom

A creature flies with one wing

The moon is the lamb to look with

The rooftop is the keyhole to look in.


Her greedy imagination rejects all that

Her spinning hands long to touch

What's hiding underneath the stone grass.


There is no body,there is no head

Just a mortal soul silent but confident.

Her hungry heart demands a Unification

The sleeping soul starves for a Resurrection.

Two Worlds,One Body,One Heart,Two Souls

Sail Together for the New Kingdom's Arms,

They would soon be surrendered to a New God's Commands......








    Thank you LYSIS - Fantasy poems are easier to write than analyse. Love the visual it adds mystery to the fantasy. As always your poem is beautifully crafted but the content is enigmatic. I have many Friends and Relations who have gone to Glory some much too early. I expect to see them again - somewhere - sometime !. One wing (wounded ?) greedy imagination but rejecting - hungry heart demanding unification and resurrection. There is promise of a New Kingdom and a New God ! Please continue - I am hungry for more - BRIAN

  • Berthold Lippel

    As always I love the muscular energy of your poems. I am reading a book on alternate universes(Tegmark--Our Mathematical Universe). Do you realize that all that you imagine exists already in another universe--including your poem--and you......

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