Open Your Door

When I found you

You must of got hit hard by a terrorist woman scorner

She had to be a bad mama jama

because she put you in your place

And you are still torn and

can't move on to the next step in life 

When it comes to a relationship 

So you build a wall 

So  no one can get  close to your heart 

What I' am about to say 

I know you don't want to hear

It  would probably go in one ear and out the other ear

But listen

Every women is not the same

Every women not trying to seek and destroy
Every women is not out to damage a man's heart

Open your door Let me in

 Open up some windows let some air in
 Let out all that toxic love pollution out
 Breathe Breathe
 Let me in
Open the door

Open the door  

Open the door

Let me in

Let me in
Every women is not out for revenge
Every women is not a home wrecker
Every women is not  a cheater
Open the door
Let some air in
 Let all that toxic love pollution out
Just breathe again

Just breathe again


By: Shaniki Smith




    Thanks SHANIKI for a very interesting poem ! There are BAD MAMA JAMMAS that consume our manhood and leave us drained of life and love.and almost destroy our capacity to accept or even allow a New Lady (however lovely) into our lives. I hear what you are saying SHANIKI that "You ain't no Bad Mama Jamma and that you will only give me TLC and no pain !" OMG I want to open the door and let you into my heart to release me from her "Toxic Love Pollution" I want to breath again. Promise me you won't hurt me and I will OPEN MY DOOR LOVINGLY to YOU ! Thanks for caring and sharing - Yours BRIAN

  • ShanikiSmith

    Thank you Brain for taking time out to read my poetry. And I will do the same for you. Remember every women is not always bad. There are good women out there.

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