Men come and go

As we all women know.

Younger Men have now appeared

Quite different from the ones last year.

So Change Old Fashioned Varoufakis

With a New Amore more Funky.

But if you have enough room

Then you really should

Keep ALL those who might prove

Of some use...

Hopefully a time would come

When new pills would succumb

To resurrecting old classic loves

And,then,oh Lord,you would have Loads and Loads

To train as an experienced coach....


So Girls let's start a New Campaign

"We demand A LOT OF MEN to PLAY".




    THANKS LYSIS - We Men are always up for A New Campaign ! We don't all just "Come and Go" some of us (as we get older !) give much more satisfaction than that ! Also we are good "economists". Either way I'm a patient Man and if I stay on the list my turn to play will come round again ! Thanks for Sharing - great poem - great message -Yours BRIAN.

  • JohnLee

    Sometimes the game can be long and everlasting.. great poem.

    • lysistrata

      Thanks JohnLee for all your comments.
      Be as more constructive as you can,
      and Wait till Tomorrow Comes....

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