I am forsaken by everyone and everything;
I am, but a memory lost in time and space
Perceived of the truth in your eyes
Stuck and caught in between lies
My heart whispers piercing cold, grim thoughts
My melancholy benumbs all I have fought

A stake to the chest; hollow abyss
I keep in silence, lest I become like the rest
A feeling of sorrow; no escape
Rejuvenated, nothingness, all I create
Lucidity is all I see in my dreams
Life is never as it seems

Prowess of loneliness, thus I am
With no contention of becoming my own friend
Aloof and somber, my mind is blank
Bleak as a frozen pond, for whom I have to thank
I am opaque, like looking in a mirror
I feel queer… I fear…

Scorned, by the sea of my existence
My life has no meaning, no persistence
Oblivious of all the passing time
Unaware of all that hath been entwined
Trod nay tread, what does not matter
Forsaken by all of society I gather.






    WELCOME FRIEND - Thanks for sharing a great first poem on a subject (FORSAKEN) some of us have experienced ! Your poem in well structures and pulsates with rhyme and rhythm which is an important criteria of a good poem. The content is excellent full of the imagery and experience of being FORSAKEN. The final line sums up the experience "Forsaken by ALL of society I gather" - frightening ! Yours BRIAN

  • ShanikiSmith

    It was excellent!
    From Shaniki Smith

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