o' africa


O 'Africa
Land of gold and diamond
O' Africa
Land of the kings and the princes
O' Africa
Land of history and potential
O' Africa
Wake up from your slumber
You've sat so long on your voluptuous behind
Your knees now hurt from arthritis
Not even the balm from the Nile
Would help you this time
Remember years ago
You sold your sons for mirrors and gun powder
Your daughters for shillings and cowries
You slaughter your beasts for their tusk
You are still very poor
Like the old lady who lived in a shoe
Like the python after a good catch
You have a lot on your plate
Your sons steal for their great grand children
Your daughters out do your sons
O' Africa
You need a revival
O' Africa
You need light
You need water
You have seas and oceans
Rivers and lakes
But you still drink the blood of young men and women
For believes not found in the holy books
Remember it was you that taught the world
From Alexandria to Timbuktu
People learnt at your feet
Now your children can't write down their names
O' Africa
Get it together .

  • Author: opefolorunsho (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 11th, 2016 05:48
  • Category: Unclassified
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    WOW OPEFO - WELCOME and thanks for a very wonderful and personal first poem. It is full of imagery and truth about Africa's past and a plea for her to be more positive in her ouitlook to pave the way for revival. I have African Friends in the UK and the African Students that I meet always act with great dignity and appreciate the opportunities afforded them in the UK ! I appreciate that AFRICA consists of over 60 independent Countries each of them very different as their beautiful national flags are different ! BUT I have spent a Month in South Africa Capetown - Port Elizabeth and Durban. It blew my mind away and I feel I am a bit less ignorant of your beautiful and proud Country. I learned in South Africa that white coloured and black South Africans can live peacefully side by side and also the beauty and abundance of the Country. I trust your "Prayer for Africa" will be answered. Respect - BRIAN

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