Poem under Construction.....

Kitty the Cat Kisser was a perfect creature!

Pip the Pig Preacher had only one dream:to get richer!

What happens when Kitty,the Cat Kisser, meets Pip,the Pig Preacher?

These two are so different?!

Like a bass with a bus,a glass with an ass,an eye with an I...

But don't sigh.

Today I have an alibi,

So Adieu till next time...🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃


  • Berthold Lippel

    The anticipation is killing me....

    • lysistrata

      Killing you softly with my words...
      But there is a certain combination
      That could taste sooo Good...
      It's called:
      Beauty - FULL Soup.🍜

      It's your turn. I have guests....

    • Berthold Lippel

      Soup-sea weeds, sliced thin. Dark miso diluted with boiling water. Carrots.parsnips.leeks.A sprinkle of
      Riesling. Cook slow. Share wihj your guests while reading Baudelaire...


      Thanks LYSIS ~ I love juvenile poems they are open to infinite interpretation. Any new juxtaposition grabs my interest and the conjugations of a Cat Kisser and a Pig Preacher are endless. Can't wait for the "next time". Love your frivolity ~ Yours BRIAN

    • JohnLee


    • willyweed

      good poem,enjoyed reading it.

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