A Mother's Love


       Beautiful black Queen who always wore the “S” on her chest

       Who could always save the day and hold me in comforting arms

       And bandage my pain with the warmness of love

       Could not save me from the everlasting pain that still taunts me in my own silence

        It’s as if she jumped through rings of fire to make sure I never had a want for much

        Protecting me from danger at all cost

        Little did she know, the devil danced with me every time she turned her back

        My inner being was blind whenever Satan made a mockery of me

         but I had no clue it was wrong

        My innocence was stripped away from me leaving me totally vulnerable

       And the Queen could not protect me for no one would ever guess that it  was by my own blood

        No one ever told a soul as if truths were hushed by darkness

        Although I never spoke of the truth the queen still wore that “S”

        Still saved the day and held me in comforting arms

        And bandaged my pain with the warmness of love

        That’s how I survived

         Through every on going struggle she cradled my wings

         She taught me how to fly

         Her soft words of wisdom always spoke the truth

         “Pretty bird please don’t cry”

          I’ve accepted the fact that a piece of that young shattered girl still lives in me

          Eventually I will find my joy and let this hidden truth go

          I will find it in myself to finally forgive the evil that tried to take away my happiness

          and any darkness that tried to reign in my life

          The Queen might not have been able to save me from those dark times

          But she played a part in saving me from myself

          She still manages to wear that “S” on her chest

           She still manages to save the day

           And she still manages to bandage my pain with the warmness of love

          ...even with all the odds seeming to be against her





    BEAUTIFUL JAZZ ~ Love the poem ~ love the photo ! Your MUM is the most precious person in the World to always be there for you 24/7 "S" is for salvation and our Mum's save us from many things and through their prayers even from Satan himself'. I love my MUM just as you love yours ! Thanks for carin' an' sharin' Love BRIAN

  • Rose


  • Daniel

    Wow,a very emotional moving poem beautifully written.

  • bella cortez


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