You are a broken leaf

Sniffing the underground refusal.

I am an armless hand

Pedalling down a tidal road.

This Unforeseen World pursued us

To chew on swimming bugs

To crawl like uncertain ants

Till we perish within nature's cracks.



    THANKS LYSI ~ Love the visual. I have met many couples like that whose abilities compensate each others disabilities. If we learned to share more then fewer of us (especially innocent 33 year olds !) would perish in natures cracks. Yours appreciatively BRIAN

  • Daniel

    This poem allows others to see some of themselves in it, and their struggles. Very well written!

    • lysistrata

      Thank you Daniel.
      I have read somewhere that a storyteller makes up things to help other people,while a liar makes up things to help himself.
      I believe that here in this poetic side, we write things to help each other.

    • Berthold Lippel


    • JohnLee

      This one runs deeper than my comprehension.. Bert called it brilliant, I'll agree!

    • JohnThomas

      Great poem. Great imagery.
      As Jack would say, you have IT!

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