The Greatest Alive

During my youth 

I once knew a Great Artist who spoke the truth 

He Was Speaking deep about our reality 

things that occurred to all of us 

Im talking about way back when a colored person couldn't ride on the front of the bus

Yeah , way back 

his mother was a part of the black panther 

I think thats who he got all his answers 

He Was the great 

He was intelligent

he showed no fear of telling it 

he said what was right and what was wrong 

he wrote them in poems, quotes and expressed them in his songs 

But then one day came 

the day that things started to change 

the day that brought blacks and browns and even whites close together again 

it was the saddest day 

to see a great Person get taken away at a very young age 

One thing to say 

just remember his name 

The Great 

Tupac Shakur 









    WELCOME KP ~ Thanks for a great tribute to TUPAC SHAKUR a Rap Artist who sold 165 million records worldwide. He was born in Harlem NY in 1971 and was assassinated in Los Angeles in 1996 aged 25. There are many TS quotes ~ my fave is "I don't see myself being special ~ I just see myself having more responsibilities than the next man. People look to me to do things for them ~ people expect me to have answers. Thanks for carin' an' sharin' ~ Yours BRIAN

    • kingpoetic

      No problem man I just like to write about people who help me Motivate to do better in life and that inspire me to reach my goals

    • Inspiredartist3

      Wow im happy to see another artist whos heavily inspired by Tupac. The same with me hes the reason why i write. Although my stuff isnt that well i keep writing. Great poem i love it thanks for sharing

      • kingpoetic

        Yeah well dont give up im pretty sure you will become much better
        At first when i started to write i sucked but then i started to write more and more then thats when i noticed i could probably be one if the greatest myself

        • Inspiredartist3

          Thanks ill certainly try. You do have potential looking forward to more of your stuff

        • kingpoetic

          Thanks and Im Glad you like my work too ...I'll try to keep it real as much as I can to inspire many others

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